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Thursday, 13 June 2019

1/100 Zvezda Jagdpanther - Build Review

Final instalment for now is the Jagdpanther in 15mm. One of the most attractive AFVs from WW2 in my humble opinion and except for the Battlefront example that came with the GF9 Tanks game, another vehicle I'd like to have in my collection.

Two sides of instructions...only side two shown here

Two sprues containing all the parts

Starting with the lower hull and the various support frames

Build up to look like this....Yes really!

Add the track units to the side walls and glue them to the side facing studs of the lower frame.

You're now ready to assemble the body of the vehicle.

Start with the two hull sides

Then the Glacis Plate, followed by the roof & engine deck

Finally add the fighting compartment rear wall and the engine compartment rear panel. Add to this the exhaust pipes and the hull MG

The finished model....
Very elegant model, maybe a little light on details here and there, but captures this sleek tank killer to a "T".

Highly recommended


  1. Interesting interior. I've always thought the Jagdpanther was the sexiest tank.

  2. That is a weird kit design but it looks pretty good once you've put it together.

  3. Yes a good looking model..........overly complex, but gets there in the end!