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Thursday, 13 June 2019

1/100 Zvezda Panther - Build Review

Now I currently have 15 mm scale Panthers made by Forged in Battle, Battlefront & PSC, so I thought it would be rude not to test the Zvezda offering too 😁

Nice picture, but the model doesn't come with Zimmerit coating 

Finished kit illustrations set the alarm bells ringing...where's the hull MG mount? The hull front seems to have been modelled on an Ausf D!

Sub-assemblies laid out clearly.

All parts on two sprues

After assembling the main gun, the turret can be assembled

I didn't find the instructions clear on which way up the gun fits. Be careful!

Upper hull components with side skirts secured to inner frame

Completed. Nice spare track link & Pioneer tool details

Lower hull and running gear components

Neatly assembled around inner framework. Be careful to put frame in the correct way as the rear panel is fitted to the rear facing studs.

Finished model
Another nice model. Compared to some of the other in the range, the engine cover detail is a little simplified. Careful painting will improve it, but it's not their best effort.

I guess the problem is that I think it's actually an Ausf D not an Ausf A.

I've seen other posts on-line that say they are also packaging the same model as an Ausf G with the same box art-work.... If this level of rivet counting is important to you, take care. Otherwise enjoy a nice kit.


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