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Sunday, 28 September 2014

HOTT, 10mm Lizardmen Army

I ordered this army at the same time as my Dark Elves and some mdf bases. At just £10 it presents excellent value providing all you need to start off your New HOTT army.
The army comprised the following;
1 x Behemoth (General on a giant tortoise) @ 4AP
2 x Magicians with bodyguards @ 8AP
2 x Shooters @ 4AP
3 x Riders @ 6 AP
4 x Hordes @ 4AP

All in all, two more APs than needed for a standard army.
The Lizardmen themselves are sort of crocodile in looks and I think, rather charming! The Riders are mounted on rather friendly looking dinosaurs who wouldn't be out of place in the Flintstones!
The boss an sits astride a giant Tortoise. Perfectly as described in the rule book but again not looking immediately aggressive. But who can fail to like the figure...it's beautifully sculpted a real gem.
The rank and file are all armed with what look to be home-made weapons - perfect for Hordes.
Altogether another colourful addition to the collection. I now have 8 HOTT Armies in 10mm scale. Enough Good and Bad guys to try out a mini campaign I think.

I've a stack more Dwarves I won on eBay which I think will allow me to field two Mass -Battle HOTT armies when finished. But I still want an Orc Army.....always my favourites in Warhammer and a Warmaster. Maybe next year?

Zvezda 1/100 BTR80

I finally decided to give one of the Zvezda 15mm modern vehicles - the BTR80 APC..
When this range was first announced I was very excited as I naively thought this would do for 15mm modern gaming what their Art of Tactic range had done for WW2.
I was therefore somewhat disappointed when I found out their rather over inflated prices when compared to said WW2 range!
At over double the WW2 equivelent (£6.50 versus £2.99) they are similar prices to QRF's metal castings. I think I read somewhere that they were priced higher as the manufacturer believed there was a smaller market and needed to cover their costs. These kits do, however, include a decal sheet.
Having said that, I can buy these in my local model shop with no post and packing to add, whenever I want to. And it was this that finally pushed me over the edge.
And I'm glad I did. The BTR is a lovely little model. Quick to assemble and a pleasure to paint. This particular finish is of my own imagination, so I can use the model with my Arab forces in FoF or Ak47 games. Will I buy more? Indeed.....just waiting for those T72 s to come back in stock.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

HOTT - 10mm Arthurian Epic Army

This army came about after I re-discovered some 10mm Medieval figures I had left over from creating a Bretonnian Warmaster Army a few years ago.
I found I had 4 barded knights, 3 mounted armoured men at arms and 15 bowmen. To boost these up I ordered a pack of 5 knight, King and General  and a wizard figures from Pendraken at the same time I ordered my Dark Elves and Lizardmen. 
Together I was able to create the following force;-
1 x King Arthur (Hero General)  @4AP
1 x Lancelot (Hero) @ 4AP
1 x Merlin (Magician) @4AP
4 x Knights of the Round Table (Knights) @8AP
2 x Bowmen (Shooters) @4AP
With an extra base of Shooters left over!
Another fun army to try out for next to nothing in costs. HOTT has got a lot to answer for.....it's very addictive.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

HOTT - Latest Army. The Dark Elves have arrived

Just finished the latest addition to my HOTT empire, the Pendraken 10mm ready packed army.
Once again, splendid value for money, at only £7!

It consists of;-
1 x Hero (General) @4AP
1 x Witch Elves @4AP
3 x Riders/Knights @6AP
3 x Spears @6AP
1 x Blades @2AP
1 x Shooters @2AP

24AP in total.
These need to dry overnight and then they'll be ready to use. 

Still to finish off are my Arthurian HOTT army (owing more to the film Excalibur than the Dark Ages) and after that my Lizardmen Army. Should keep me out of mischief......